10 Commandments Skit: #6 For the Love of Broccoli

For the Love of Broccoli  Commandment # 6

Special thanks to Wesley Edie, Family Life Pastor at Parklawn Assembly of God for sharing his 10 Commandments skit series with us.


Maggie: Ahhhhhh! Not again, I can’t believe it!


Leader: Maggie, oh Maggie, what’s the problem?


Maggie: I just can’t believe I have to do it again!


Leader: What Maggie? What can’t you believe you have to do again?


Maggie: My mom said that I have to eat all of my broccoli tonight for dinner. Again.


Leader: Maggie, you know what? I tell my kids to pretend it’s just a little tree.


Maggie: It seems like it is a big tree when you have to eat a whole piece of broccoli.


Leader: So you are having a problem with just one piece of broccoli?


Maggie: Ya, I hate broccoli! Hate it!


Leader: Maggie don’t say that!


Maggie: But it’s true!


Leader: It’s still not good to say it!


Maggie: I hate Broccoli, I hate the farmer that grew the broccoli, I hate the guy at the grocery store that stocks vegetables that put broccoli on the shelf. I even hate that bag boy that bagged that nasty despicable broccoli.


Leader: Maggie, that is not nice at all to say.


Maggie: But it’s true.


Leader: Do you know what the 6th Commandment says Maggie? It says, do not kill.


Maggie: But I didn’t say I was going to kill anyone! How could you say that? I just don’t want to eat broccoli… ever again.


Leader: You said you hated the people at the store and the farmer who grew it though. Didn’t you?


Maggie: That’s right, and I would tell them a thing or two or three or four or…

Leader: OK, ok. I want you to hear something though; in Matthew 5:21,22 Jesus talks about how hating people is the same as murder.


Maggie: Oh no!


Leader: Ya, it’s a big deal. Hate is very powerful. Jesus tells us that even calling someone a fool puts you in danger of the fires of hell! Whoa!


Maggie: WAAAAAA…            10 commandments skit


Leader: Maggie, what’s wrong?


Maggie: I’m in trouble. I didn’t kill anyone though. In fact, I didn’t hurt anyone either. In fact, I’m changing my ways…I love broccoli. (gulp)


Leader: Um Maggie, you don’t have to love broccoli now. I’m glad to see such a quick change of heart though.


Maggie: I love the farmer that grew broccoli and the guy who put it on the shelf and the bag boy. I love broccoli. I’m going to eat my (coughs a little) yummy broccoli that I love so much right now. Gulp (hesitantly says) time to eat it up! Chow baby!


Leader: Well, I’m not sure if Maggie really understood… but it is very important for us to understand that hate and murder are the same type of sin. We need to keep our heart clean and recognize when we’re becoming angry towards someone and allow the Lord to help us forgive.


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