10 Commandments Skit: #9 Flying Bananas

Flying Bananas   Commandment # 9

Special thanks to Wesley Edie, Family Life Pastor at Parklawn Assembly of God for sharing his 10 Commandments skit series with us.


Leader: Alright everyone another exciting commandment today.


Maggie:  Yeah, so glad I never have struggled with this commandment.


Leader: Oh really Maggie? Never?


Maggie : Yep, that’s right never ever have struggled with this one.


Leader : What is the Ninth commandment?


Maggie: Oh, um, well, let’s see…


Leader: Kind of thought you might not remember.


Maggie: Wait, I know. Thou Shall not do shall thou shall not will not ever ever ever shall not throw bananas at anyone ever, especially in church!


Leader: Definitely not Maggie. The 9th commandment is thou shall not lie, and actually it says, that you shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.


Maggie: So I can throw bananas in church! Alright then!!


Leader : No you can’t. (turns away to not really see who threw the banana and then stops midsentence)


Maggie:  Bananas yeah!! (throws the banana at the leader, either missing or hitting)


Leader:  Maggie no! You aren’t supposed to throw bananas at people and especially not at church.


Maggie: Um, I didn’t do that.


Leader: Who was it then, your imaginary friend?


Maggie: No, I think it was the salad lady. You know the lady who always tries to get me to eat vegetables and fruit.


Leader: Maggie, you are lying now. This is exactly what we are talking about in today’s commandment.


Maggie:  Salad ladies who throw bananas?


Leader:  No, I’m talking about the fact that you lied.


Maggie: Oh, I guess I did. I knew you were mad about me throwing the banana and I figured if you didn’t think it was me maybe I would stay out of trouble.


Leader: Yep, that’s how most people start out lying.


Maggie: By throwing bananas?


Leader: By people trying to stay out of trouble or trying to cover something up.


Maggie: I didn’t try to cover something up though… I threw something. There is a difference.


Leader: Oh Maggie, I think your confusing yourself even right now.


Maggie: I am?

10 commandments skit


Leader: Yes!


Maggie: No more flying bananas!  Bad banana!


Leader:  I think it’s time to hear the lesson.


Maggie: Ok. I promise I won’t throw anymore bananas, or strawberries, peach’s, apples, pineapples, or even Kiwi’s.


Leader: We get the point!


Maggie: Alright no more flying fruit and no talk of salad ladies either, later. Chow baby!


Leader: Chow baby. I’m still keeping my eye open just in case.


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