10 Commandments Skit: #10 The Tower of Cookies

The Tower of Cookies!  Commandment #10 

Special thanks to Wesley Edie, Family Life Pastor at Parklawn Assembly of God for sharing his 10 Commandments skit series with us.



Leader: Well, it’s finally here… the 10th commandment kids!


Maggie: Hey everyone!  You know what that means right?


Leader: Um what does that mean Maggie?


Maggie: Dessert!  Ya, I can’t wait, it’s time for dessert!


Leader: Well actually it’s time to talk about our final commandment.  Thou shall not covet.

Maggie: Whatever that means.


Leader: Coveting means wanting what other people have so much that you can hardly stand it. It’s being totally focused on having something. Have you ever experienced that?


Maggie: I don’t want what others have unless they have food.


Leader: So you’ve coveted other people’s food?


Maggie: Especially if they have dessert!


Leader: (long sigh) Like what kind of dessert?


Maggie: Like if I see them eating an Oreo cookie…


Leader: But you don’t covet that Oreo cookie right?


Maggie: I know but I just can’t help wanting it so bad when I see someone eat it.


Leader: Oh brother.
Maggie: Then I like to take all the cream out of the cookies and see how much cream I can get in between the Oreo cookie to make a precious tower of cream filled cookie.


Leader: So you stack the cream up huh?


Maggie: It’s so good and then I eat it.


Leader: But I don’t really see how this has anything to do with coveting.  You’re eating your own Oreos right?


Maggie: Oh, well, I find a way to take them any way that I can so I can make my very own precious tower of cream filled cookie.


Leader: Interesting.


Maggie: I tell anyone who I’m eating Oreo’s with that I see a flying pineapple and then when they look that way, I snatch their Oreo so I can add the cream to my precious cookie tower.


Leader: Maggie, I don’t think you realize that you are in fact coveting Oreo’s which then leads you to lie about flying pineapples, which then leads to stealing someone else’s Oreo just so that you can fulfill this longing of creating a precious tower of cream filled cookie.


Maggie: Oh…oops.


Leader: I think you need to realize that everyone of these commandments can lead to breaking another one. And the Bible tells us that when we break one commandment, we are guilty of breaking them all.


Maggie: Uh oh.image


Leader: What really matters is this, the Bible clearly tells us, “We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  We have all broken the commandments.


Maggie: Really? This is not good…


Leader: This is why Jesus came and died on the cross and took our sin on himself.  He knew that we needed someone to save us, to take our punishment for us.  Because he never sinned, He could take our sin for us and be the perfect sacrifice.


Maggie: WOW!!!


Leader: So it is important for us to follow the Ten Commandments, but more importantly we must have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  When we’re not connected to Jesus we can do nothing. We need Him to make us right with God and help us to do right too.


Maggie: This is great news!  I love hearing about Jesus.  And all this talk about the tenth commandment of not coveting has made me hungry.  Alright, ‘til next time everyone.  Chow baby!



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