How to Write a Childrens Ministry Lesson

How to Write a Childrens' Ministry Lesson

an 8 lesson course to help you go from blank page to valuable resource


From blank page to valuable resource

Whether you write your own lessons all the time or have never written a lesson, this course will be a good experience for you

You may be wondering – why should I write my own lessons?  



  • Buying curriculum doesn’t always save time. There are lots of good curriculums available for you to choose from. I have used many of them myself. Sometimes I found myself spending quite a bit of time adapting the lesson, and I often wondered why I just didn’t write it myself.
  • Writing your own lessons can save you money. With many curriculums out there, there is often a cost involved. In the past I have been on staff at churches that had little to no budget for curriculum, so I know what that is like. Writing your own lessons is a way to keep what little budget you may have for other things.
  • You know your kids! You know what they are capable of, and you know what keeps them engaged.  You know what you have taught them before, so you know what they already know. You know what they are currently going through as well, so you can tailor your lesson to exactly what they need, when they need it. 

Help families learn together. Maybe you want to do a church-wide series. It is pretty difficult to get a curriculum that would give the pastor a sermon and you a kids’ message to match. But, if you and your pastor work together, you could know his message and write a kids lesson to match. I have done that multiple times, and it is great for the church family dynamic.

Ready to get started writing?

Some topics Covered

Setting Goals

Learn how to set lesson goals from the beginning


The key to a good lesson is the time you put into learning your material.


Sometimes you have way too much. Learn how to filter so you have only the best, most relevant material


Learn how to structure your info to make a great lesson

So you may be thinking, “That’s great Ron, I do I want to write my own lessons, but why should I listen to you?”

Well, I am kinda glad you asked.  I have been writing lessons and material for kids for the better part of 20 years.  I started as a Spanish teacher in a Christian school. Over the course of several years I wrote a complete K-8 Spanish curriculum. I have contributed to several kids ministry books and resources including Church of God’s BlueBells curriculum, Pulse: Pumping Life into your kids ministry  from Kidzmatter, an AWANA advent devotional, and others. I have a blog that is consistently listed in the kids’ ministry Top 40 blogs. I have created lessons and series that have been downloaded from my website thousands of times all over the world. I have also published several books on my own, one of which has been #1 on Amazon’s Kids Ministry category multiple times.


With my different writing experiences I think I am uniquely qualified to guide you on a lesson writing journey.

What does this look like?

What Others are saying

Ron Brooks has created an amazing resource for anyone who desires to effectively communicate the truths of God’s Word to children.  Ron’s many years of experience and expertise shine as he skillfully walks the learner through the steps for planning and researching lessons. He also shares valuable insights into methods that are sure to actively engage young hearts and minds in fun and meaningful ways.  I truly believe “How to Write a Children’s Ministry Lesson” is going to be a game changer for Children’s Ministry Pastors everywhere. 

Sharon Jones, Elementary Classroom Teacher and Reading Specialist

“Ron’s God-given gifting is shown throughout this study guide. As someone who has developed and written Children’s Ministry curriculum for years, the tools provided here by Ron are things I wish I had years ago. These tools really help simplify the process and will no doubt keep you on track and reach to pour into children in no time.”

David Maddron, Children's Pastor

Course Schedule

Lesson 1 – setting a goal                          immediate

Lesson 2 – brainstorming                          1 day later

Lesson 3 – Research and study                1 day later

Lesson 4 – Filter                                        3 days later

Lesson 5 – Structure                                 2 days later

Lesson 6 – Writing                                       1 day later

Lesson 7 – Make it Shareable                 3 days later

Lesson 8 – What now?                               1 day later

Total time = 13 days from blank page to valuable resource

So what do you think? Are you ready to invest in yourself and your ministry? Would you like to learn to write your own lessons? 


I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your lesson writing journey! 

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