10 Commandments Skit: #8 Don’t Steal the Bagel

Don’t Steal the Bagel  Commandment # 8

Special thanks to Wesley Edie, Family Life Pastor at Parklawn Assembly of God for sharing his 10 Commandments skit series with us.

Leader:   Hey Kids! It was a busy day for me so I’m glad I stopped at the store before I arrived here and bought myself a snack.  I won’t eat it now but, (looks around, where is it?   I know I put it right here just a few minutes ago.


Maggie: Hey there Ms./Mr. _________.  It is a great day isn’t it?


Leader: Yes it is.  Did you happen to see a bagel anywhere?


Maggie: Um, a bagel?  Like what did it look like?


Leader: I don’t know Maggie… possibly like a bagel!


Maggie: Oh a bagel?… not a cupcake right or a donut hole?


Leader: That’s right Maggie.  I really thought I put my bagel here and now I can’t find it.  It was the only thing I was going to eat. I didn’t get a chance to eat before I got here.  I was in such hurry getting things ready I just didn’t get a chance.


Maggie: I think you lost it!


Leader: I know I lost it but I also know I put it right here.  I think someone might have taken it.


Maggie: I mean, I think you lost your mind! Ha ha ha ha!


Leader: (sarcastically) Thanks Maggie.


Maggie: I think I saw a guy in a mask go that way.  He looked like a bank robber and he had your bagel.


Leader: Nice try Maggie but I don’t believe you.  In fact I kind of think you are acting a little suspicious.


Maggie: Me? Not me!


Leader: Did you steal my bagel?


Maggie: Well, maybe. I didn’t know it was your bagel!


Leader: Maggie, stealing is stealing. It doesn’t matter if you know it was mine or not!


Maggie: Oops.


Leader: It was the only thing I was going to eat.  Actually, I’m surprised you liked it.


Maggie: Why’s that?


Leader: Well, what did it taste like?


Maggie: I kinda haven’t eaten it yet!


Leader: That’s what I thought.


Maggie: Why?


Leader: Because it was a spinach bagel.


Maggie: Oh! Here you go, you can have it back.


Leader: Didn’t think you would like it.


Maggie: No way spinach, Blaaaah!


Leader: I think today’s commandment is important for you to hear Maggie.  I encourage you to open your ears to this one.


Maggie: I will.  No more just grabbing things that aren’t mine.


Leader:You mean stealing.


Maggie: Borrowing.


Leader:  Stealing.


Maggie: Fine sorry for stealing your nasty spinach bagel.  I’m out of here. Chow baby!


Leader: I hope Maggie learns a thing or two today


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