10 Commandments Skit: #5 Candy Crunch!

Candy Crunch!  Commandment # 5

Special thanks to Wesley Edie, Family Life Pastor at Parklawn Assembly of God for sharing his 10 Commandments skit series with us.

Leader: Today’s commandment is one that I know every child has struggled with at one time or another.
Maggie: Alright I’m back!!!  It’s class time, oh yeah baby!  I can’t wait, how fun!


Leader: (a little startled) One of these days I might get used to you popping up and making all that racket.


Maggie: Racket!  Are you making Racket?  (bounce up and down) Stop making all that Racket Mr./Ms.________.


Leader: Sure and you’re not making any racket (sarcastically).  You seem to have even more energy today.  What’s going on?


Maggie: Oh, I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with eating that bag of snickers.  I think it might have made me excited!


Leader:  Um that might have something to do with it.


Maggie: Or it could be from (continue bouncing)  the bag of skittles, or smarties, or that pure sugar stuff that comes in a tube or the…


Leader:  How much candy did you have?


Maggie: Well, all of it.


Leader: All of what?


Maggie: All the candy my mom bought for the church donations.


Leader: She said she was going to try and get tons of candy for the kids to give to me the next time she saw me.  You mean to tell me you ate it all?


Maggie: (Can’t stop bouncing)  Ya!


Leader: Does your mom know you did this.?


Maggie: (Keep bouncing) No. Come to think about it, she told me to stay away from it.


Leader: Oh Maggie, you need to make things right with your mom.


Maggie: I forgot she told me to stay away from it.  And I kinda didn’t really hear her.


Leader :Which one was it… you forgot or you couldn’t remember?

10 commandments

Maggie: Both!


Leader: I think it was neither Maggie.  I think you where too tempted by the candy to care what your Mom had said.  Right?


Maggie: Maybe. (still bouncing)


Leader: Our lesson today is all about honoring your Dad and Mom.  You have shown dishonor Maggie.  The first thing you need to do is go tell her what you did and make things right.


Maggie: My belly is starting to hurt!  (Stops bouncing) Aghhh…


Leader: I wonder why? (Show sarcasm)


Maggie: I don’t feel so good all of a sudden.  I want my Mommy.


Leader: You better go find her and explain some things.  Or I will find her and I will explain things.


Maggie: Gulp.  Ahh… my tummy.  Mommy where are you?  (Sickly leaves the stage)


Leader:  I Think Maggie may have learned a valuable lesson today.  When you don’t listen and honor your parents there are consequences.  If Maggie had done what her mom had told her to do she would not be feeling so sick.


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