10 Skits on the Ten Commandments

10 character skits all about the Ten Commandments.  

Written By: Wesley and Danika Edie

Children’s Pastors at Parklawn Assembly of God

Milwaukee Wisconsin

So it’s time for your new kids lesson series based on the 10 Commandments. Maybe you are looking for some different elements to add to your service or lessons. You might be specifically looking for skits.

If you are teaching the ten commandments, then you are in the right place. The following links will take you to ten different skits, one for each of the ten commandments. Use one or use them all, either way, I think your kids will enjoy them.

Maggie– a puppet or a character who either acts or looks like a 4 yr old or a monster like Cookie Monster (the original Maggie was a girl neon monster).  Maggie loves food!      

Leader – An adult or an older youth leader, with limited patience.   


#1 The Rules10 commandment skits

#2 Nothing Else but Pizza

#3 Honor Burgers

#4 This Coming Sundae

#5 Candy Crunch!

#6 For the Love of Broccoli

#7 What is an Adult?

#8 Don’t Steal the Bagel

#9 Flying Bananas

#10 The Tower of Cookies


Check out the entire 10 Commandments Skit Series!

10 commandment skit 1 10 commandment skit 2 10 commandments skit 3
10 commandments skit 4 10 commandments image
what is an adult image 10 commandments skit

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  1. Absolutely love your series. Thank you for being so generous and sharing your talents. May you be blessed beyond measure as they have blessed us.

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