Interested in having a customized curriculum or devotion guide?

How about a collaboration writing project?

I have written an Amazon #1 best selling family devotion book, Got Fruit?, based on the Fruit of the Spirit.

I have partnered with churches of all sizes, and his material has been used all over the country (and in other parts of the world as well!)  Let me know if you need help on a writing project.

I have also had the honor of contributing to several collaboration projects. If you have not yet seen these awesome resources, you should check them out.

  • AWANA advent devotional  (I wrote day 3!)
  • Bright Ideas for Children’s Ministry Volume 1 from Kidology (page 17!)
  • Pulse: Pumping Life into your kids ministry  from Kidzmatter  (Chapter 36!)
  • Contributor to Church of God BlueBelles curriculum
  • Guest Poster on Orange Leaders Blog 
Some areas strengths include:
  • Children’s ministry in the small church
  • Kids services in a portable church
  • Curriculum and devotional writing
  • Kid/family friendly outreach events
  • Leading a team
  • Large group kids ministry
  • Group/classroom discipline
  • Creative ways to keep kid’s attention
  • Using technology to your advantage
  • Establishing a vision
  • Family devotion time


If you are looking for some fresh material to teach from, something to encourage your leaders with, or want to collaborate together, don’t hesitate to ask.