A Kid’s Guide to Baptism

A Kid's Guide to Baptism

Baptism is a huge milestone in the Christian Journey. As a child, understanding baptism is key in order to be baptized. 

 “A Kid’s Guide to Baptism” is a workbook written to help your child understand what baptism means, and reasons why they should be baptized. Your child will read through scriptures and answer some tough questions as they work through their faith and determine if they are ready to take the next step and be baptized. They will also learn how to prepare a personal testimony as they ready themselves to make a public declaration of their faith.

So why a

Baptism Workbook?

A while back I wrote an article on teaching kids about baptism. It is one of the most read articles I have written. Recently I thought about adding links to that page to resources that could help parents and churches teach their kids about baptism but I couldn’t really find any. I found a few picture books for younger kids, but that’s about it. So that is where A Kid’s Guide to Baptism came from — out of a desire to provide a quality resource for you to use with your kids to help them understand and prepare for baptism. 

This workbook is written to be equal parts teaching tool, part devotional, and part journal. Once your child has completed the book, the journey and answers recorded in the pages become a keepsake and a reminder of a huge spiritual milestone in your child’s life. 

Since A Kid’s Guide to Baptism was released it has been used thousands of times across two continents.  Many parents use this book to help their child prepare for baptism while many churches have adopted it as baptism class material to help ensure kids understand what baptism means.  

What to expect

Theologically Sound

Take a journey through scripture to see what baptism means and why we should be baptized


Read and answer questions related to baptism and living a life for God


Study scripture with the goal of crafting a personal testimony to show what Jesus has done in your life

Are you ready?

Answer questions to show you understand and are prepared to be baptized.

Book Features

Through scriptures, your child will study and learn about baptism: what it is, why it is important, and why they should be baptized.

While studying baptism and Christian character your child will answer personal questions relating scripture to their own life.

Parts of this workbook include questions that document the personal faith journey of your child. They will record things they have learned and feelings they experience both before and after being baptized.

Your child will answer questions about their life and faith that will help them craft a personal testimony after the example the Apostle Paul gave to us. 

Free preview

Want to see inside the book?

Free preview

Want to see inside the book?

What others are saying

Parents, if you are wondering whether your child has an understanding of water baptism, and if they are ready to take the plunge, then this book is for you. As a pastor I am often asked to baptize children and Ron’s book has become my go-to resource to not only teach children about baptism but to also help me know if the child fully understands water baptism. In “A Kid’s Guide to Baptism” Ron has tackled a subject that not many have attempted to write about, and he has done an amazing job explaining baptism on a level that both children and adults will be able to understand and enjoy reading.
Fred Brooks
Senior Pastor, Faith Assembly, Plant City, FL
Deciding to be baptized is an exciting decision and event for any Christian, but especially for kids. That said, baptism, what it really means, and whether you’re ready for it can be a little daunting for kids and adults. Whether you are a church looking for a resource to use with your youth or a parent trying to help your child understand baptism, Ron has laid out everything you need to understand in an easy to use format.
Wayne Stocks
Founder of Hope 4 Hurting Kids
A Kid's Guide to Baptism fills a great need for anyone who serves children in a church setting. There are clear explanations of baptism, and will help kids think about the spiritual practice of being baptized and its importance in the life of a Christian. As soon as I saw one, I ordered a stock pile to keep on hand. There isn't anything like it currently on the market and the ability to personalize them to your ministry is an added bonus!
Jared Massey
Associate Pastor
The first time I learned Ron was writing a baptism book for kids, I knew it would be good and helpful. I was not wrong. Ron knows children and how to take deep truth and communicate it so a child can not only understand but apply. There are very few solid books for kids on baptism and this is so solid and helpful. If you are a ministry leader this is a resource you should always have ready for parents to walk through with their children. I'm so excited to see how many children will follow Jesus and enter the waters of baptism.
Tom Bump
Founder KMCCoaching
This book does a good job explaining what baptism is, but would also be something someone would keep long term because of the ability to record their journey.
Ben Christensen
Children's Pastor

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I am happily married to my best friend, and dad to the greatest daughter anyone could have.  I have spent the better part of 20 years in ministry and now spend my time helping in my local church while continuing to create resources that have been in used in churches all over the world, including Got Fruit? an Amazon #1 best selling Children’s Ministry book.