Six hours one Friday: a review of an Easter Account

Six hours is not a lot of time. It is two hours less than a normal eight hour work day. It is just short of a full nights sleep. It’s is enough time to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Six hours may not seem like much, but it is enough time to change the world.

That’s right, Six Hours one Friday changed the world.

Friday was the day Jesus died. He hung on a cross, was tortured and died one Friday changing the world, and he did it for me. Through the book, Mr Lucado explains how “those six hours that Friday were packed with tragic triumph.”

We are not alone to face the storms of life. Jesus is there to help us through. And when we think back to those six hours, we see the forgiveness of our sins, and we also see foundations of truth to which we can anchor ourselves when the storms come.

What storms you ask?

The book is broken into three sections, to explore the three major storms of life: 

  • Futility
  • Failure
  • Finality

But more important than the storms are the truths to which we can anchor

  • My life is not futile
  • My failures are not final
  • My death is not final

Each section highlights not only a storm you will surly face, but also a truth you can hold onto when in the midst of that storm.

 Whether you read the book on your own or in a small group, there is a study guide in the back of the book. The study guide follows the book, chapter by chapter, and provides additional ‘anchor points’  for when we encounter the inevitable storms of life. The study guide is broken into three sections: Mind Anchors, Soul Anchors, and Life Anchors.  Each Anchor, through a series of questions, will explore additional thoughts,  bible verses, and life applications to deepen your anchors points that will hold strong during your storms and help you hold onto the truth of the situation, rather the getting sucked into believing the enemy’s lies.

Six hours may not seem like much, but through the pages I think you will come to better appreciate the six hours that Friday afternoon so long ago.

Six hours is also more than enough time to read this book. Would you spend six hours to better understand three truths Jesus gave us to anchor our faith to?

Find out more about Max Lucado here.

You can find more info about, and even purchase your own copy of Six Hours one Friday here.

I was given this book by booklookbloggers in exchange for my honest thoughts via this review.

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