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Once again I have the pleasure of bring to you some thoughts on a release from David C Cook publishing. They graciously sent me a copy of “Cottonmouth and the End” by C.S Fritz, which is the third and final installment of the adventures of Fredrick Cottonmouth.

The third book, “Cottonmouth and the End” closes out a series full of symbolism taken right from the pages of the Bible, which is sure to inspire lots of spiritual conversations with your family.

While book can stand alone, I highly suggest the entire series, since each book picks up where the previous leaves off.  Speaking of the third book specifically, if I could sum it up in one word, I think I would choose “WOW”.

Jesus was a master of storytelling, and often used parables in order to convey spiritual truths to people. C.S. Fritz has followed this example by weaving together a story that is sure to assist in explaining biblical truth.

There is Freddie, who could easily represent us, with the struggle between right and wrong, as well as the consequences of our wrong choices, but very nicely reminding us of the Grace that God provides as he loves us even when we mess up.

Tug is a lovable creature who represents Jesus, who is present at the end of th
e book to show love and compassion to Frederick in spite of some poor choices. One of the poor choices is choosing to not listen to the advice of Yellowthroat, a hummingbird, who bears a striking resemblance to the Holy Spirt. Again, I suggest “Cottonmouth and the River” to understand how Tug sacrifices himself to save Frederick, and the second book, “Cottonmouth and the Great Gift” to see how Yellowthroat is sent to help, much the way the Holy Spirit was sent to help us on our journey.

If the content was not enough to say WOW, I must comment on the actual book itself. I love the feel of the book, which is much nicer than a regular paperback, and the higher physical quality mirrors the high quality of the content.

My favorite aspect of the book was the use of color, even though the beautiful illustrations are all in black and white. The pages reflect the struggle between light and dark, good and evil. The pages in which darkness is stronger are black, with white words. The illustrations help to create a fantastic world, that seems to come alive, much because the use of black and white. Halfway through the book the pages change to white with black words, and it is a very power representation to the light Jesus brings into our lives to chase away the darkness. As much as I try to Cottonmouth reviewconvey the incredible use of these two colors, I think you can only understand by seeing it for yourself.

My thanks to David C Cool for sending me a copy of all three books to add to my library. I have read them myself, and look forward to reading with my daughter, since I can already foresee the great conversations we will be able to have as we discuss the biblical connections.


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