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A great bible is something we all need. And many of us have favorites. I have different preferences depending on what I am doing. I have a hardcover study bible that is over 20 years old that I often use when I am studying. If I am spending time just reading I will use the Youversion app. If I am writing lessons I use multiple translations.

As adults we have lots of Bible options. But did you know there are lots of great Bibles for kids as well? Just like I have different Bibles I use at different times, there are different Bibles that are age appropriate for our kids too. It is important that your kids can understand whatever Bible they have.

Over the years I have had the privilege of teaching kids, so I got to use a lot of the Bibles they were using. I have also been given copies of Bibles to review to see what I thought about them. Here is a list of several great Bibles for kids that I have personally used. After that will be a list of other good Bible possibilities for you to choose from as you look to get your child their own Bible.

NIV Adventure Bible

I have known many kids to own and enjoy using this Bible. I like that in addition to the scriptures you would expect to find in a good kids Bible, there are also little notes and tidbits (in color!) that help bring additional information to their attention.

It reminds me a lot of my personal study Bible, but age appropriate for kids. It helps set them up for understanding that studying the Bible may mean more than simply reading verses. There are other books and resources to help us gain context and understanding. That is a great habit for kids to pick up early on.

ICB Bible

Why do I think this is a great bible for kids?

  • There are footnotes throughout, to help bring even more understanding, just like in my bible.  The back of the bible has a dictionary with definitions and explanations of locations, people, and other words and concepts that may be difficult for a child to understand.
  • I was very impressed reading the Preface. This is not a translation from a translation. It is a translation based on the original Greek and Hebrew. The translation team consisted of highly qualified bible scholars, including members that worked on the NIV and New American Standard versions. There was much thought into this translation, with the kids in mind.
  • The language was chosen deliberately, with a child’s understanding in mind. There was research done with children reading several passages from different translations, and it was found that by far, the easiest translation for them to understand was the International Children’s Bible.

Jesus Storybook Bible

I was given some review copies of the Jesus Storybook Bible and I have been a fan ever since. In fact, I even purchased the Kindle version!

Now this is no Bible in the normal sense of the word. There are no chapters and verses. No scriptures.

Rather there are beautifully illustrated stories, perfect for reading with your younger kids.

Imagine reading scriptures at bedtime. As wonderful as that is, The Jesus Storybook Bible takes those scriptures and puts them into storybook form, so you can read biblical truths to your little ones in a way they will love and understand.

Action Bible

The Action Bible and Action Bible New Testament are just as they sound–comic book style bibles.

  • high quality illustrations
  • scripture inspired dialogue
  • mass appeal with elementary boys

I remember taking this to church with me to show the boys. “This is so cool!” they said. “This is like my comic books at home!”

As you can guess, it is not a typical Bible – no chapter and verse. Instead there are high quality comic book style renditions of popular Bible history. Boys with be exposed to Bible truth as they enjoy the comic book sytle they already love.

The downside is this is aimed at boys. The upside is there is an entire line of Action Bible resources, including a workbook!

Beginners Bible

This is a Bible that I have known to be in many preschool classes. It is not a full Bible, but it does have many brightly illustrated chapters listed. The chapters don’t contain verses, but they do contain a child friendly account of what the scriptures say.

In addition to being a great bible to read to and with your kids, this would be a good Bible for kids learning to read that may be overwhelmed with a normal Bible with chapters and verses.

The above Bibles I have personal experience with, either using them myself, or seeing them used by the kids I taught.

If you don’t see any you like, here are some others that are considered best selling kids Bibles by Amazon.

Looking for some great teen Bibles? Check out these best selling teen Bibles.

How about your family? Are you looking for a kids Bible? Or which kids Bible do you already use? Leave a comment and let us know- I can even add it to the list!

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