Halloween tracts for kids

Halloween is coming, and whether you celebrate or not, there will be thousands of kids dressed in their costumes headed door to door asking for ‘treats’. What other holiday has people coming to your door? That makes Halloween a great opportunity to share the gospel in a creative way. You don’t even have to leave your house! So why not make the most of it and hand out some Halloween tracts for kids?

Is there anything better than candy? Well, I agree with the people over at letthelittlechildrencome.com when they suggest handing out something more than candy. Letthelittlechildrencome.com produces high quality, age appropriate tracts to give you tools to share Jesus with kids.

“Child evangelism tools that are more than simple children’s tracts!”

They have created a unique way to share the gospel with every kid that comes to your door. Be sure to check out their 3-D pumpkins!

What are they?

Each pumpkin comes to you flat in a package. One at a time you will fold up parts of the pumpkin- each one containing Bible truth printed on the inside. Once completed, your 3-D pumpkin becomes not only a carrier of the gospel, but a carrier of candy! As the kids open their pumpkin to get to the treat you hid inside, there is a good chance they will read the 6 messages that simply walks them through the plan of salvation. Does a piece of candy do that?

Make a difference this Halloween. Consider using these colorful little pumpkins this year—share more than candy—share the gospel with every kid that comes by.

Be sure to check out Letthelittlechildrencome.com for more info on this great pumpkin halloween tracts for kids or if you need kids tracts for any other event. They have lots of great products to choose from.

Full disclosure: letthelittlechildrencome.com sent me a pack of pumpkins so I could write my honest thoughts and share with you. I received pumpkin tracts, no other compensation, for my honest thoughts. And my thoughts are, if you need any Halloween tracts for kids, you should check out these pumpkins!

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