A Great Bible for Kids

great bible for kidsA Great Bible for Kids

Everyone has their own favorite bible translation. For some it it King James, for others, NIV. No matter what your preference, I have a feeling you will agree that your version still can be difficult for kids to understand.

When teaching kids, I use various versions. Regardless of the version I use, I still find myself rephrasing and breaking it down to make it easier for them to understand.

A while back, I was given a box of kids ministry resources to review, which was full of great kids ministry resources. It was then I was introduced to a great bible for kids.

Finally there is a “Translation Children Can Read and Understand”.

I’d like to introduce you to the International Children’s Bible (icb for short). I read a good many passages side by side with several other bibles I had around the house. In comparison, the icb does a good job using language kids can understand. I gave it to my daughter to read, and she compared a passage the same way, and agreed it was easy for her to understand.

Why do I think this is a great bible for kids?

  • There are footnotes throughout, to help bring even more understanding, just like in my bible.  The back of the bible has a dictionary with definitions and explanations of locations, people, and other words and concepts that may be difficult for a child to understand.
  • I was very impressed reading the Preface. This is not a translation from a translation. It is a translation based on the original Greek and Hebrew. The translation team consisted of highly qualified bible scholars, including members that worked on the NIV and New American Standard versions. There was much thought into this translation, with the kids in mind.
  • The language was chosen deliberately, with a child’s understanding in mind. There was research done with children reading several passages from different translations, and it was found that by far, the easiest translation for them to understand was the International Children’s Bible.

A bible is often a personal part of our spiritual walk, with most of us choosing our preferred translation based on many factors, including ease of understanding. The team behind the International Children’s Bible and put a lot of effort into creating a bible translation geared toward our kids, to help them better understand what they are reading, which is something that I appreciate.

If you are looking for a great bible for kids, I would highly recommend checking out the International Children’s Bible.


What version do you use with your kids? Leave a comment and let me know.bible for kids


How did I find out about icb?

I was sent a copy to review from my friend Matt Guevara, one of creators of DISPATCH.  What is DISPATCH you ask?

DISPATCH is an awesome subscription based collection of the latest and greatest #kidmin resources. By signing up you will be sent quarterly DISPATCH boxes, which will included popular, tested, latest resources on the market. This is great, because I don’t always have time to research new materials– the geniuses behind DISPATCH have done that for me! What makes DISPATCH even better is not only do I receive some great material, but I also receive a booklet with ideas of how to implement the resources in my box! How cool is that?


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