Persistence: Don’t Give Up

Persistence: Don’t give up!

Persistence means not giving up, or waiting for what you want.  Sometimes it is easy to persevere, but often it is hard because we don’t like to wait.  Can you think of a time you showed persistence? (or didn’t persevere?)  The Bible is full of examples of people who persevered. You may already be familiar with the passages, but it would serve you well to read them again, and see if anything jumps out at you.

Read  1 Kings 18

What was Elijah praying for?
How many times did he send his servant?
How do you think Elijah felt after his fourth prayer?

Read Joshua 6

How many times did the Israelites have to circle the city?
Why do you think God had them march so many times?
How do you think the army felt after their sixth day of marching?

When we persevere it means we don’t give up.  It means we keep trying until we succeed or until we get what we want.  Elijah prayed until God answered his prayer.  Joshua led the army around the walls until God said they were done.  It was probably easy for the men to attempt a second, or even a third time.  It probably became more difficult to persevere the longer they tried.

Men of Persistence

Perhaps you have heard of the following people:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Winston Churchill
  • Walt Disney
  • Dr Seuss
But did you know:
  •  Thomas Edison had 1000 failed attempts at the light bulb?
  • Winston Churchill failed 6th grade and was defeated in every election for public office except his last election?
  • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he had no imagination or good ideas?
  • Dr Seuss had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers?


What if these guys had thrown in the towel the first time they failed or didn’t get what they wanted? The world would be a different place, that is for sure.

Sometimes God does not answer our prayer the first time.  Sometimes He doesn’t answer our prayer the second time.  God will answer our prayer in His own way, in His own time.  It may not be the way we want or when we want, but He is always there for us, and He hears us every time we pray.

Can you think of some times you had to persevere?  Was it easy or hard for you? Are you in the middle of a trial or situation now that requires persistence? 

Pray and ask God to help you persevere this week.  Keep praying when you don’t get an answer right away.  Keep trying and don’t give up!


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