How does God speak to me? Hearing the Voice of God

We often think of prayer as asking God for something. While that is one aspect, there is much more to prayer. Prayer is a form of communication, but it should be two way communication. Prayer is as much about you talking to God as it is about God talking to you. The question then becomes: “How does God speak to me”?

When God spoke to Moses, he did so through a burning bush. When God spoke to Elijah he spoke in a still small voice. Saul saw a blinding light and heard an audible voice when God spoke to him. Sometimes angels brought God’s word, other times God used prophets as his method to speak to his people.

How does God speak to me?

My God is big enough to speak to me in any of those ways, but he has has not used any of those methods. My God is big enough to speak to me in a way that is unique to me. Just as I am uniquely made, he chooses to speak to me in a way that is special to me.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful I know that full well.

When I pray, or better said when I communicate to God and allow time to listen to his voice, I hear him speak in several ways. God often uses his word—the Bible to speak to me. When I read, I hear him speak–or I have thoughts that relate my life to what I am reading. I believe that is God directing me, speaking to me. Other times God uses other people to speak to me–not necessarily by quoting scripture to me, but rather speaking truth. On more than one occasion I have had a dream in the night that I believe was a message from God–about myself or my situation. These could very well be overlooked as insignificant if I choose to not be conscious of the fact God wants to talk to me. I just have to make time to listen.

As you communicate with God, be sure to allow time to listen to him speak to you. The more you listen, the better able to recognize him you will become. As you learn to hear his voice, the better you will understand what he says and where he is leading you.

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and ask God to speak to you right now. A picture may come to mind. You may remember a scripture or think of a person. Or you may sense God’s still small voice. God may choose to speak to you in a total unique way! No matter what, you can count on the truth that God can and will speak to you. He wants you to listen to him as much as he wants to listen to you.


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