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Simon Sinek is a best selling author and speaker dealing with leadership, business and communication. (see more about him here)The notes that follow are from watching a breakout he did at Orange Conference Live recently. Keep in mind these are my own unfiltered notes. Some are his thoughts, some are my thoughts, some are my interpretation of what he said. I have not yet had a change to process the session, so this is a rough draft.

How will you react to the crisis?

Collapse or Adapt

Churches and businesses: Think ahead to what happens when you can open, not what you are doing now

The physical gathering is now over – you need to make changes to adapt

Religion is not becoming less relevant today

Our ideals will never happen, but we will die fighting for them

Conversation doesn’t change things, action changes things

Refuse to accept the short term pain for the long term gain

Crisis is the great revealer

15 ideas in 48 hours. It is about contribution, not competition. It doesn’t matter who give the good ideas, it is for the entire team

This is not unprecedented.  Throughout history companies and organizations have had to make changes based on culture and politics

You can blow up your own business, or you can wait for an outside force to blow it up for you


I don’t have to know all the answers, and I don’t have to pretend that I do

Many leaders goes through a huge crisis once in a lifetime, who would have thought all leaders would experience a crisis simultaneously

It is important for ideas to come from outside of leadership

Ideas are about contribution, not competion

Do the cheapest, easiest route with the greatest probability of success

I have the people, you have the ideas.

Ask for help- outsource

You don’t have to do everything by yourself

How many people are too afraid to ask for help?

Leading from the middle or bottom

              There is a difference between positivity and honesty

              “its gonna be hard, but we will come through”

              Difference between Optimism and positivity

Operate with empathy : are you OK? That question allows us to become the leader we want – Offer to help.

Is the future more online or in person?

Interruption or disruption?

Interruption you can pick up where you left off.

This is a disruption- we will never pick up where we left off. The world has changed.

#depression mentality  –  saving papers and tin foil

There is value in the online.

You cannot form meaningful relationships via text, no matter what teenagers have told us

We don’t have to go back to the way things used to be.

Done with a servants heart. 

How do we get more people to come to church

How do we give and serve more during these hard times

Churches are struggling right now.

Meet people where they are

There may be a decline in church attendance, but not a decrease in faith

Not a crisis of faith, but a crisis of relevance

A good frst date does not mean the second date is marriage.

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