Dealing with racism in ministry: Bernice King from #OC19

Orange Conference 2019 was an incredible experience. The speakers were great, and included a surprise guest I was not expecting. Bernice King (daughter of Dr Martin Luther King Jr) joined Reggie Joiner and some others in a panel discussion. Their topic? Dealing with the issue of racism in ministry.

Here are the notes that I took during that session. Race is important. Racism exists. But having difficult, real discussions will help all parties involved.

Thoughts from Bernice King

  • Be intentional about knowing people
    • Even if you don’t know their story
      • It’s about following Jesus for real
        • Jesus didn’t spend much time in the temple
        • He connected with people outside of church
      • Be intentional about connecting with people from different: cultures, race, religion
        • Do it in their places
        • Eat their food
        • Get to know them and who they are
          • What they think
          • What they experience
    • How do we not pass prejudice to the next generation?
      • Look in the mirror, explore your own feelings and prejudice
      • Every white ancestor was not a slave owner
      • Every black ancestor was not a slave
        • But some white ancestors were slave owners
        • Some black ancestors were slaves
      • The next generation may be able to teach us
        • They see human more than they see color
  • Have the hard conversations with people that are different
    • If we can have those conversations, things can change
    • Light doesn’t have a place with light. Light has a place with darkness, to dispel the darkness
  • Beam of darkness doesn’t exist. Beam of light does. Be a beam of light in the darkness.

So what do you think about racism in ministry? How do you have those difficult discussions? Leave a comment and let us know.

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