Top Quotes from the Orange Conference #oc19

Orange Conference 2019. Such a phenomenal experience. So much knowledge and so many resources.

Because there is so much going on, as I usually do, I put together a list of my favorite quotes from the speakers I have heard. Some of them are authors, some are pastors, many have their own ministries and resources. Be sure to check them out if a quote strikes you. Click their name to link to their twitter page.

Healthy kids and families don’t seem to be accidental

Doug Fields

When it comes to a kids faith, there is no greater influence than their parents

Kara Powell

When we are shallow, we are not effective

Kristen Ivy

Our response to kids questions should be one that affirms and validates

Terry Scalzitti

The hardest doubts and questions come in moments of crisis

Terry Scalzitti

Asking small questions along the journey make it easier to ask the bigger questions.

Jamal Jones

If your hustle costs you people, your hustle is too expensive

Jon Acuff

Power that comes from pain can destroy, or that same power can help heal the world

Mike Foster

If a child feels invisible, they feel worthless

When a child feels seen, they feel valuable

Virginia Ward

When we are shallow, we are not effective

Kristen Ivy

You can’t parent something into your kids that you are not willing to work on yourself

Kristen Ivy

Jesus replaces shame with hope.

Reggie Joiner

Nobody needs everyone to see them, but everyone needs someone to see them

Kristen Ivy

Your pain is not meant to simply suffer. It is meant for God’s Glory

Nora Jones

You are not youth workers, you are purpose partners. Your role is to help the next generation discover their purpose

Dharius Daniels

My faith is not shaken just because my world is


We cannot delegate the responsibility of a generation to a single department.
It is not a next gen responsibility. It is a churchwide responsibility.

Dharius Daniels

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