Kids ministry sample service schedule

Kids Ministry Sample Service Schedule


So you have anywhere from 60-90 minutes to fill.  Not so easy when you aren’t prepared, but not so tough when you take a little time to plan.  I have found that one way society has affected the younger generation is by shortening their attention span.


When you think of keeping attention for 60 minutes, it seems very difficult, and it often is.  I like to break it down into smaller segments though.  It is not so hard to keep attention for 5 minutes.  So I will do something for a few minutes, then completely change gears and do something else, then change again, until before you know it the time has come and gone.  When the kids watch TV, they watch for a few minutes, then everything changes and they watch commercials for a few minutes, then the cycle repeats.

Some of our smaller segments include:  songs, games, puppets, skits, object lessons, video clips, characters, and more.  Think of your group and you should be able to come up with a list of segments that will be effective for your teaching, as well as for making good use of your time.  Lots of smaller segments also makes it easy to delegate those segments, so the service doesn’t turn into a one man show.  Changing the person with the microphone is also a good trick to help hold attention.

Here is a sample of what a typical Sunday morning looks like for us:

Kids ministry sample service schedule:

Opening/rules/welcome:   5 min

high energy song:  5 min

character/skit/object lesson  5 min

offering:  5 min

introduction to the lesson: 3 min

second song:  5 min

game: 5-10 min

show and tell time: 7 min

prayer request time/prayer time: 5 min

lesson time:  10 min

salvation call/prayer in response to lesson: 5 min

worship song: 5 min

closing/review: 5 min


As simple as that, you have effectively filled 75 minutes.  If your services last much longer, all you need to do is add another segment or 2.  It is easy to add another song, or game, or illustration.

Another benefit of styling services in this way is it is very easy to change the order from week to week.  Another tip to keep the attention of the group is keeping them guessing.  They may know they will get to play a game, but they never know when.  They know there will always be a song and offering time, but they don’t know when.


Hopefully this will help you when you are planning.  Drop a line and let me know how you plan your services.


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