I’ve looked around trying to find a good prayer journal for kids. I found some prayer journals, but they were basic blank page templates for kids to fill out. There was little to no instruction or explanation. That’s why I wrote Prayer Pact: a 30 day prayer journal for kids.

Prayer Pact will guide kids through what prayer is, when they should pray and some Biblical examples of prayers. Then for 30 days they will read a prayer focused verse and fill out their PACT : a praise, an ask, a confession and a thanksgiving.

When the 30 days are done they will have laid a foundation for a daily habit of prayer, which is valuable as you help them build their strong spiritual foundation.

This is what a customized prayer journal looks like for Treehouse Kids.

Customize Prayer Pact for your ministry!

Prayer Pact is now available with a customized cover to include your church or kids ministry logo!

Putting your logo on the cover will build instant credibility between your church and your families.

Choose to use it as a first time visitor gift. Use it in a family resource box. Use it as a Christmas or Baptism gift. Or include the kids in your church wide prayer campaign. However you choose to use it, you can be confident that kids that complete a Prayer Pact will will strengthen their prayer time.

I have done all the work and you and your ministry can reap the benefits.

Have Questions?

Can you envision your logo on the cover of Prayer Pact making this prayer journal specific to your ministry?

How you can get a customized prayer journal for your ministry

I know you love your kids and their families. I know you would do anything for them to help them learn and grow closer to God. Prayer Pact will help you resource them in their growing faith.

Step 1

submit your logo

Step 2

I add your logo to the cover and send it to my printer

Step 3

Once the colors are verified I place the order for the quantity you need, then the box of customized Prayer Pact books is shipped right to your door!

Step 4

You equip your kids with a great customized resource to strengthen their faith.

If you are interested, use the contact form to send your questions or begin the process.

If you decide this is a good fit for you, there is a one time $15 set up fee to update the cover. No need to set up for future reorders, since your book cover will already be set.

Shipping will be added and determined based on quantity.

So what do you think? Ready to help your kids learn about and strengthen their prayer time with a customized Prayer Pact?

Start the Process

Fill out these few questions and ask your own questions to get the process started. I hope you will consider making Prayer Pact one of your trusted ministry resources!