You are not wrong

I was recently remembering a mentoring relationship with a friend who was getting started in children’s ministry.  He had the desire and the calling, but not much experience.  I remember the first time I met with him and we talked through some of his concerns, questions, and I gave a few ideas.  I made notes throughout our conversation for reference and future conversation, and what follows just might help you wherever you are in your ministry.

During the course of the conversation he showed me a copy of his order of service from a typical Sunday.  His question to me was what do I do or what have I done.  He was seeking validation for doing things the way he was doing them.  If I said I did something a certain way, then it was good that he did them that same way.  Or he wanted to change things to do them how I do them.  There is nothing wrong with sharing ideas.  In fact, I love the social media world for just that reason.  I have learned, and continue to learn so much from so many of you out there.

The thing I told was there is nothing wrong with how you choose to run your service. You know your environment, and more importantly, you know your kids.  I think you need a reason for doing what you do though.  I don’t think you should do something just because the church down the street does it.  I don’t thing you should have an element of your service just for the sake of filling time.  I think you need to be intentional about the elements of your service.

Be able to explain to someone why you choose to do a certain thing, or do it a certain way. 

If you cannot give a reason other than someone else does that, maybe you need to reevaluate.  You are not wrong for doing things how you do them, as long as you know why you are doing them.  I have heard it said many times before “the message is sacred, the method is not”.  Do not ever compromise the message for the sake of the method.  Your method will change from week to week, from church to church to church.

The message of God’s love for the kids you minister to will never change.

If you had a bit of advice to give to a new kidmin leader, what would it be?

I can tell you everything I do and why I do it.  Don’t do things just because I do them.  If your reasons are the same, then great! We can do some of the same things for the same purpose. Doing something out of tradition, – because it was always done – is not a good reason to continue. Be sure you have a purpose — there is a cost involved with everything you decide to do. You only have so much time so be sure you spend it wisely. When you have a reason for your decision, you are not wrong.  With many of the things we do in ministry there is no right or wrong.  We would do good to remember that.

I am not better than someone, and someone else is not better than me just because of the program, or the ideas, or the creativity.

Share ideas, be original, have a reason, see kid’s lives change by God’s grace.

What is an idea you would like to share?  Or what would you like to hear ideas about?  Leave a comment and let’s help each other.

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Ron is happily married to his best friend, and dad to the best daughter you could imagine. As a teacher and children's pastor, he has over 20 years experience of teaching, leading, writing, creating and consulting. He has written for churches, contributed to several collaborative publications, and written a #1 Best Selling Devotional, Got Fruit? on Amazon. His blog is consistantly listed in the Top 40 Children's Ministry Blogs and Websites. Don't hesitate to ask if you think he could help you and your ministry in any way.

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