What does it mean to be personal? Thoughts from Orange Tour #thinkorange

Once a year, in the fall, I look forward to having the opportunity to attend the Orange Tour. Orange Tour is a smaller, one day, more accessible event than the Orange Conference that takes place in the spring in Atlanta. Ever wondered about the Orange Conference? Check out some of my past Orange Conference thoughts here.

Since I am at the Tour right now, I don’t have time to write out thoughts, but I do have time to take notes. Below are some of my notes from Crystal Chiang talking about what it means to be Personal.

  • The opposite of personal is shallow
  • Personal is the opposite of shallow

What is shallow? Fake, impersonal

What does it mean to be deep?

              Underlining more in your bible?

              Tattoos in dead languages?

Maybe deep has become it’s own kind of shallow

So maybe the opposite of shallow is personal.

  • Shallow is fast
    • Personal takes time
  • Shallow is dismissive
    • Personal is engaged
  • Shallow is safe
    • Personal is risky
  • Shallow costs money
    • Personal costs me

You can’t stop being shallow unless you learn to see someone.

If there are hurts that we can’t talk about then the hope that we offer is shallow

              What are we doing to create a safe space where people can talk about the real hurts they are experiencing. Sometimes those hurts are tough. Sometimes they are uncomfortable. But if we can’t speak freely to address these deep, hidden hurts, then the hope that we are supposed to be offering and representing begins to lose effectiveness, and ultimately becomes shallow.

  • Nobody needs to be seen by everybody
  • Everybody needs someone to see them

Seen people see people

If we cant be seen for who we are, we will have a hard time seeing others

Who is someone who saw you for who you are?

Who is someone you can begin to see for who they are?

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