Top Two Reasons to Attend Orange Tour #thinkorange

Top two reasons to attend the Orange Tour


Are you looking for an affordable, high quality, practical one day conference? Orange Tour just might be what you are looking for. With a great line up of nationally known and local speakers, this one day conference is a great option for you.

I did attended the Orange Tour a few times before, and am getting ready to attend again in the fall. Check the schedule and see if the tour is coming to a city near you. If you find one close, I suggest you get a ticket and block off the day— you won’t regret it.


Though there are many reasons you should attend if you have a chance, here are my top two reasons to attend the Orange Tour:


#1 It’s Local


The big multi-day conferences are a good investment. But admit it, it doesn’t always fit into the budget.  By the time you pay for the admission price, the hotel, the travel expenses, and the food, you are talking more money than many churches are able to spend annually on their entire children’s ministry program!

Orange Tour eliminates a bunch of those costs. Even if you do need to drive a little and stay the night somewhere, you will still save a ton of money on travel and lodging compared to the multi day conferences.

A multi day conference is great, but often not practical when you think about bringing a team. And we know how much your team could benefit. Since it is local, and transportation costs are minimal, you can afford to bring your entire team to Orange Tour.

I have been in a few positions in the past when the church budget would not allow me to attend a conference. And if I did, I had to pay for it myself. In fact, there have been times that I have had to pay expenses myself in order to attend.  But that was before I knew about Orange Tour.  Since I had to cover costs myself, I could have saved quite a bit of travel expenses by attending this single day conference at a local level. If you are in a smaller church with little to no conference budget, and you have to pay for it yourself, the Orange Tour can be a a good option for you.

I can hear some of you thinking now– “If it is smaller and local, the speakers must also be less well known.”  Just because it is in a smaller venue at a local level doesn’t mean you don’t get the same quality teaching as the large conferences.  This years line up features Reggie Joiner, Carey Nieuwhof, Jon Acuff, and more.  Those are the same names you will see at the Orange Conference and other big, multi-day conferences.


#2 Networking

With nearly all of the conferences I have attended, I have found that the networking has been equally, if not more valuable than the content of the sessions.

Should you choose to spend some time at Orange Tour networking, you have a benefit over networking at a national conference. That benefit is that everyone attending is local. You won’t need to rely on phone calls and social media updates to communicate with your new friends.  You can meet for coffee, or set up a local family ministry leader meeting.

Not only is the Orange Tour a gathering of likeminded ministry leaders. It is a local gathering of likeminded ministry leaders.  Orange Tour will remind you that You are not alone in what you do.  We can do more together.

Learn what you can from the main sessions and breakouts, but don’t walk away without contact info from some new, local friends.


Are you attending the Orange Tour? Post a comment and let us know which one!

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