Simple way to make a positive first impression

how to make a positive first impression


One way to positive first impression

Not long ago, the church we were at closed up. That is a long story in itself, but it put me in the position of needing to find a new church to attend. Because my job is now outside of the church, I was simply looking to find a church for my family to attend. If we decide to get back into ministry, that will come at a later time.

Right now, family is first.

We have visited quite a few churches over several months time. Visiting around, I was pleasantly surprised at the first impressions in some churches, and unfortunately surprised at some other not so pleasant first impressions.

 So what would I see if I came to your church? Would I like it? Would I want to come back?

First impressions stick- when is the last time you considered what first impression you make?

I did decide that among the small things you can do to increase your chance at making a good first impression is very simple, and anyone can do it.


Smiles are not over-rated

It is amazing how much can be communicated through a simple smile.

A smile is a warm invitation.

A smile can set nerves at ease.

A smile says welcome.


Conversely, the lack of a smile also communicates a variety of messages.

I don’t want to be bothered.

You are not that important.

You should be thanking me.

It is true, some of these thoughts may be extreme, but face it: a smile (or lack of) communicates volumes!how to make a positive first impression

If it is up to me, I would choose to smile, because of all the positive messages it conveys. And if it is up to you, I think you should smile at me when I visit. I want to know you care. I want to feel safe. I want to trust you. A smile goes a long way to communicate these messages.

If I came to your church, would I see smiles? Is there something other than a smile that would make a better first impression? Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts.

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