Seeing from God’s Perspective: a family devotion

Here is a fun activity you can use when talking about the will of God, the future, God’s perspective during family devotion time (or Sunday school lesson, or small group time)
You will need a 24 piece puzzle.  Number each piece on the back from 1-24.  Randomly divide the pieces between everyone present, but instruct them to not show anyone else.  It is important that they do not show anyone else their piece of the photo.
Their job is to guess what the entire puzzle will be if all the pieces were put together.  The only information they have is the small piece you have given them.  After everyone has had a chance to guess, ask for piece #1 and place it in the center of the group.  Then ask for the second piece and place it in its proper place.  Continue placing the pieces in order.  As you place more pieces, the bigger picture becomes more evident, and many will be able to guess it before all pieces are in place.  Eventually you will have all the pieces placed and the puzzle will be complete.

You can then have a discussion talking about how sometimes God does not let us see the whole picture like he does.  Sometimes we can only see a little piece of our lives, and we need to trust him to take care of us and know that he has a special purpose for our lives, even if we can’t see it right now.  While your kids may not know what they will be when they grow up,  God does, because he knows everything, and he has a special plan for them.

Ask your kids if they have any idea what they want to be when they grow up.  As they respond, ask them if that is what they want to be, or if that is what God wants them to be.


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