Reminder Rocks: a family devotion

family fun devotion based on Joshua. Make your own reminder rocks

Family Fun Devotion: Joshua and the Reminder Rocks

Memorial Day is a day for us to pause and remember those who have died in active military service. They died serving our country, making it a great, safe country for us to live.  It is nice to stop and remember these brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

The Bible has a lot to say about remembering things that happened. More specifically remembering the things that God did for us people. What He did for us.

Here is a Family Fun Devotion you can use this Memorial Day (or any day– it is always appropriate to remember what God has done for us).


Needed:  Memory game
(or a deck of cards)

Play the memory game for a while.  If you are using a deck of cards, turn the cards face down.  The object of the game it to turns turning over 2 cards at a time, trying to make a match.  If the cards match, you get that pair.  If they do not match, try to remember what the cards were and flip them back over and the next player takes their turn.  Play until all the cards have been matched.  (depending on the age of the kids, you can adjust the number of cards, just make sure that you use matching pairs)

Read Joshua Ch 4 together

family fun devotion based on Joshua
This is the story of God parting the water of the Jordan river for the Israelites to cross.  It was not long before that God had parted the Red Sea and allowed Moses to lead the people across on dry land.  God did something different when Joshua lead the people across the Jordan river.  God told Joshua to choose 12 large rocks out of the middle of the river bed and take the rocks with them.  He told them 12 rocks to represent the 12 tribes of people that were there.

God told Joshua that the rocks were to be used to create a memorial that would always remind the Children of Israel about what God had done for them.  Every time they saw the stone memorial, they would remember the day that God parted the Jordan river for them.  They would be reminded of the time God parted the Red Sea and Moses led the people to safety as they ran from the Egyptians.  The reminder rocks would be a memory of the miracles God performed and the way God provided for the Israelites.

Answer together:

  • What is a memorial?
  • Why did God want Joshua to carry 12 stones out of the river bed?
  • What did God want the people to remember?
  • Can you remember something God did for you or your family?
  • When was a time God answered your prayer or preformed a miracle for you or someone you know?

Make your own Reminder Rock

Need box of rocks
paint and supplies

You can either collect some rocks ahead of time, or go outside together and everyone can choose a small rock or a stone.  You will want to make sure the rocks are cleaned off. Wash them in the sink or spray them with a hose to get all the dirt off. This will help when you paint them.

Everyone can choose their own rock and color paint.  You can do this in stages if you want to use different colors.  Using more than one color when the paint is wet will often result in the paint mixing colors.  If you mix the wrong colors you will end up with a brown rock!

As you paint your rocks, talk about the things God has done for your family.  Your rock will be your own Reminder Rock.  When it is dry you can put in on a shelf, on a bedside table, on the window ledge, or any other place that  you will see it from time to time. Every time you see your Reminder Rock, think of what God did for the Israelites and the things He has done for you and take a moment to tell Him “thank you”.

Click here to download a printable version of:  Family Fun reminder rocks


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  1. You have just given me an idea! I will from now on be making something for as a reminder of some event. Thank you.

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