Put Others First: A Small Group Activity

put others first: a small group activity in sharing

The children are going to create a picture today by drawing and/or using stickers.  Place all the items (stickers, crayons, pencils, etc.) out in the center of the table.  The group will get a practical lesson on letting others go first through this activity.  Everyone will start with a blank page.  The catch to this activity is that no child may just reach out and take an item to use to create their page.  They may reach out and take an item, then find someone in the group and offer the item to them to use first.  After their friend uses the item, then they are able to use it themselves.  When they are done with that, they can put it back and choose another item from the center of the table.  They may not use it on their page until they offer it to someone else to use first.

During the process, or when the activity is done, you can ask some questions of everyone.put others first: a small group activity in sharing

* How did it feel to let someone else use something before you did?
* Was it easy or hard to wait patiently and let someone else go first?  Why?
* Did you want to use something before you offered it to someone else?
* Can you think of a time when you let someone go first and you waited?

Example:  Sally wants to use a green crayon to color the grass on her picture.  She reached out and takes a green crayon, then offers to the green crayon to someone else at the table.  After that person is done, they give it back to Sally and say thank you, then Sally can use the green crayon.  If no one is interested in using the green crayon, Sally may use it, but only after offering it several times to others to use before her.

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