Parable of the Talents: it’s not about you

Parable of the Talents: It’s not about you

Most of us are familiar with the parable of the talents. If not, you can check it out here. I did a study on the parable a while back. Here are a few things that jump off the page at me.

A talent was a unit of measure for weight and money. It was about 75 pounds. Assuming the talents were gold, which was recently valued at $1284/ounce. That would make one talent of gold worth about $1.5 million. This parable is also the origin of the definition we know today, meaning ability. No matter what definition you use, keep in mind that talents are valuable.

So a master distributes talents among 3 of his servants, with the expectation they earn him more money while he is away. The first 2 wisely invest the money, so the master comes back to a profit. The third servant was scared, so he buried his talent.

It is interesting to me the words spoken by all 3 men upon the master’s return. The first 2 began their conversation with the words “Master, you….” The other man began his conversation with the words “Master, I…..” The first 2 men focused their attention on the master, invested their talents wisely, and were rewarded by the master for a job well done.

Their focus was clear, based on their actions, as well as the first words out of their mouths. The third man was focused on himself–just look at his action. He chose to not use his talent, but instead bury it in the ground.parable of the talents

His self-centeredness is made very clear when you listen to the first words he speaks to his master. He was called lazy, wicked, and worthless.

Think about it. We all have been given valuable talents by our master. It is up to us how we use or invest (or not use) those talents. I hope to make good use of my talents. I hope my first words will be “Master, you…..”

I hope to hear the words “Well done good and faithful servant” rather than “wicked lazy servant”.

How are you investing your talents and abilities? I hope I can keep my focus on Him, because it is not about me. Where is your focus, on your master who has given you your talent, or on yourself?

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