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When in Kids Ministry, or teaching kids in any capacity, Pop Culture is a HUGE tool to capture the attention of those you are teaching.  Many time I have structured entire series around the latest greatest movie or TV Show. (Think American Idol, and be sure to check out my Messages from Monsters Series based on Monster’s Inc). Even thinking back to my days as a classroom teacher when Regis was all the rage with Who Wants to be a Millionaire, I used that game in my classroom to create review games that made the learning process so much more fun.

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The Summer Olympics are right around the corner, which is the perfect Pop Culture opportunity for you to try it. All local and social media will be covering the events. Your kids will know about the Olympics, and many will be watching the games, cheering for Gold Medals. Check here for a family devotion about Gold Medals and our relationship with God.

free olympic lessons

Last time the Summer Olympics took place, we took advantage and created a Summer Games competition style lesson series. The kids were put on teams, we taught ‘sports’ themed bible lessons, and we had several games every week.  We kept team score and individual score, and awarded prizes at the end of the series. Points were not only collected for winning the games, but also for bringing bibles, offering, and friends.  Points were awarded for saying the memory verse and participating. It was a hugely popular series we titled Summer Games, and have done it several times (even when there were no Olympics on TV!)

I have taken 2 complete lessons and put together for you to download and use. There are lessons, object lessons, devotions, memory verses, sample score sheets, games and more. Everything you need to host your own Summer Games mini series.  Simply enter your email address below and the link will appear, then you can download and print for FREE!

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The 2 lessons you will receive are

  • XTreme Wrestling (Jacob wrestles with God)
  • World’s Strongest Man (Story of Samson)

All you need to do is enter your email address above and the lessons are yours to use.

Don’t forget to check out the new series Finding Story based on Finding Nemo

Feel free to let me know what you think of the series. Leave a comment and let me know how your Summer Games turned out, and how much fun you had. 

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  1. Cheryl Horstman | July 14, 2020 at 3:09 pm | Reply

    I am planning an Olympic week at our summer camp/childcare this year even tho the games are cancelled. Thanks for helping me with devotions!

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