Highlights from Orange Tour 2016

highlights from the orange tour

I just got back from the Orange Tour, which is a one day version of the Orange Conference. The tour travels to different cities through the US, because not everyone can make it to the annual conference in Atlanta.

Not familiar with Orange Strategy? Check out some thoughts and info here.


The following are some of the top quotes I pulled from my notes this year. See one you agree with? Click each quote to tweet it!


Maybe if we change how the church sees parents, parents will change the way they see church @reggiejoiner

True influence comes from trust @reggiejoiner jon acuff orange tour quote

We don’t have a Sunday Savior, we have an Everyday God @jonacuff

Empathy doesn’t change the truth, it amplifies the truth @reggiejoiner

True influence is earned @reggiejoiner

Stop trying to pick the perfect goal, just pick one goal and perfect it as you go @jonacuff

Progress you don’t measure doesn’t exist @jonacuff

Volunteers make it through the day, leaders work through the week @reggiejoiner

Strategy matters @reggiejoiner

Success will not be determined by your vision, but instead by your strategy @reggiejoiner

You can’t force a kid to have a relationship @reggiejoiner

Every family matters – regardless @reggiejoinerjon acuff at the orange tour

Kids matter more than adults @reggiejoiner

What you do for kids matter more than you think it does @reggiejoiner 

What you do for kids will keep your church from dying @reggiejoiner

You may be the best chance for “that kid” to see God @reggiejoiner





Don’t miss your chance to attend the next Orange Conference .  Check out some other things I learned from the Orange Tour here


Have you been to the Orange Conference or Orange Tour? Post a comment and let me know what you think!

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