The Finding Story- a 4 week curriculum series based on Finding Nemo

The Finding Story

a 4 week curriculum based on Finding Nemo

Finding Dory is the blockbuster family movie sequel to the great Finding Nemo from Disney. We like to make use of pop culture and relevant media when teaching kids, so a huge movie release is a great time to do a series based on that popular movie.

“The Finding Story” is just that. A 4 week curriculum based on the movie Finding Nemo.

Included is the series are:PolpoDesign_butterflyfish

  • series memory verse
  • lesson based on a movie clip
  • small group/object lessons
  • take home family devotions
  • games
  • themed PowerPoint template
  • more!

4 week topics:

  1. Finding Forgiveness
  2. Finding Favor
  3. Finding Faith
  4. Finding Friendship

small fishes -02Does this type of series interest you? Check out a preview lesson—Finding Faith—for FREE. If it looks like something you could use in your ministry, the entire series can be yours for only $9.99

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It is not uncommon to $20-$50 or even more for a similar series. This series is a great deal at only $9.99.  If that is too much for you, I have some free lessons you can download here.

There are lots of spiritual lessons that are wrapped up in Finding Nemo. The overall story about Nemo being lost and his dad, Marlin, travelling the ocean to search and find Nemo is a mirror image of Jesus stepping out of heaven to come to earth to search for and find us. (See a family devotion on that subject here)


Again, you can try out a complete preview lesson for FREE, so you lose nothing. I finding god in finding nemohave a feeling once you see the Finding Faith lesson, you will want to have the other lessons in the series.

When we did the lesson, our kids love it, and were highly engaged—both because of the quality of the material, and also because it was based on a movie they were all familiar with.



See what others had to say about the lesson:


The Finding Faith lesson we did in our children’s church was PHENOMENAL!!! It kept the kids engaged the whole time. And they loved the Nemo/Dory theme and the videos that went along with it from Finding Nemo. I would highly recommend it and look forward to seeing the other lessons that come out too.

Ron and Amanda, children’s pastors in Florida


About the Family Devotions

It creates an atmosphere of open dialogue between the family and helps with communication. The interactions with the parents allows the kids to identify with not just Bible characters but their parents in a new way.

Erika, mother of 3



INterested in just the set of Family Devotions? Check them out here.  This is not our first movie base curriculum series. Check out Messages from Monsters, a 4-week series based on Monster’s Inc that we did when Monster’s University was released. That series was a HUGE success, both with our kids, and with those who purchased the series.

If you are at a church with little or no budget, have download and loved the preview lesson, and you do not have the money to purchase, but you would like to use this entire series in your ministry, send me an email and I will gladly provide the lessons for you.

When you use these lessons, I would love to hear how much your kids enjoyed them.

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The Finding Story: a 4 week lesson series based on Finding Nemo

Feel free to ask if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you.



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Ron is happily married to his best friend, and dad to the best daughter you could imagine. As a teacher and children's pastor, he has over 20 years experience of teaching, leading, writing, creating and consulting. He has written for churches, contributed to several collaborative publications, and written a #1 Best Selling Devotional, Got Fruit? on Amazon. His blog is consistantly listed in the Top 40 Children's Ministry Blogs and Websites. Don't hesitate to ask if you think he could help you and your ministry in any way.

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