ekids worship: UNDEFEATED from Elevation Kidz

Hillsong Kids. Yancy. Uncle Charlie. All producers of great kids worship music that I have used over and over in our kid ministry. I was super excited when I heard Elevation Kids (kids ministry of Elevation Church) was releasing a kids worship album.  I have been a fan of Elevation Worship for some time, and now there is an album with the target audience being kids and families.


Long gone are the days of songs like “Arky, Arky” and “Father Abraham”  (I know, I am sure I just dated myself a little). Whether we like it or not, our worship does compete with secular music when we are talking about kids attention and taste. They are bombarded with music, posters, tv commercials from companies that have what seems like endless amounts of money to spend. Finding high quality worship music to compete on this level doesn’t have to be hard. UNDEFEATED from ekids does just that.

In our kids ministry we use music quite a bit, for all different reasons.

  • playing when kids arrive/leave
  • during game time
  • background music
  • fast worship
  • slow worship

The UNDEFEATED album has music that I can use for all of these categories. It is nice to have new music to add to our playlist.


Often, kids church music is directed to only kids. Whether in the actual sound, or in the lyrics, it is obvious that the target audience is kids. There is nothing wrong with that, but this album is a bit more than that. This is an album that can be listened to as a family– I have the songs on my personal play list to listen to (yes, outside of Sunday morning!) That is the kind of album this is.

If you are looking for more music to add to your Sunday play list, or something to suggest for family listening, check out UNDEFEATED from eKids. They even have music video versions for the songs you want to add to your kids worship playlist.

How did I find out about UNDEFEATED?

I was sent an early copy of UNDEFEATED to review from my friend Matt Guevara, one of creators of DISPATCH.  What is DISPATCH?

DISPATCH is an awesome subscription based collection of the latest and greatest #kidmin resources. By signing up you will be sent quarterly DISPATCH boxes, which will included popular, tested, latest resources on the market. This is great, because I don’t always have time to research new materials– the geniuses behind DISPATCH have done that for me! What makes DISPATCH even better is not only do I receive some great material, but I also receive a booklet with ideas of how to implement the resources in my box! How cool is that?

This month my DISPATCH box included, among other things, an UNDEFEATED sampler!

Check out what other resources were in my DISPATCH box here.


What worship music do you use in your kidmin?  Post a comment and let us know.


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