Days of Creation Coloring Pages from Genesis

Are you teaching the Days of Creation from Genesis? Are you looking for an activity that could help you reinforce part of your lesson? These Days of Creation Coloring Pages may be just what you need.

A while back I saw a need for activities to do pre service, so I created this set of Ten Commandment Coloring Pages. That was a very popular download, being used in schools, churches, and homes, so I thought I would create another set.

This time the coloring pages are based on verses from the Days of Creation. Your kids can color their way through the verses to see what God said and did as he was creating the world.

Each page contains a verse with a black shadow to make it stand out – the verse is the focus of the page. Behind the verse is a unique design to allow your students to be very creative in their coloring.

Older kids will find the patterns and designs more relevant than cartoon character coloring. Younger kids enjoy coloring no matter what the page, so this can be a win-win for you.

Finding resources like this with reproducible rights is not always easy. There are often licensing fees to pay based on how many copies you need.

Since I know what it is like to not have a ministry budget, I want to help by creating resources for you with little or no cost. The little bit that this costs will help a little to offset my costs.

For only $1.49 you can get this great set of Days of Creation Coloring Pages. There are 10 verse pages, plus a cover page in case you wanted to create a Days of Creation Coloring Book. That’s 11 pages total to color! And since you are able to purchase once and print as you need, you could print enough for your entire group! The Ten Commandment Coloring Pages are free, so if you don’t have the money to invest in resources, you can still get something you can use.

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