A NEW 6 week kids ministry series : The CODE

This series was originally written for a local church introducing a new church-wide code. The whole idea was a series of statements to help the people in the church know who they are in Christ as well as let everyone know what the church stands for.

This was a church wide series, and the lessons for the kids were adapted from the church code. Since the church used ‘code’ statements, the overall theme is a spy theme. Each lesson will deal with an aspect of Christian life and how we should act- many lessons are outreach related, since much of what we do as a church is tell others about Jesus.

If you choose series memory verses, the overall verse for this series would be:

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light 1 Peter 2:9

As a chosen people, we experience grace, we can praise, we can share Jesus with others and do what we can to help — all subjects of lessons throughout the series.

Each week consists of a large group lesson and a family devotion take home sheet that also doubles as a small group conversation starter, depending on your needs.

The lessons start out with a ‘prep passage’ to allow the teacher to prepare, read and gather background information that will help understand the lesson.

The lessons are written in a ‘storyteller’ format, meaning it takes one person to teach the lesson.  There is a Spy who comes in the beginning of each lesson and helps to introduce the bottom line. The Spy interacts with the Storyteller, so having a second person is best, but this part is easily passed over if you do not have a second person.

The lessons are written for you to simply read them if you work better with scripted lessons. If not, the lesson written as is will give you a solid foundation for your own spin on the material.

Each lesson has a Bottom Line, which is the overall main point of the lesson for the week.

Bottom Line for each lesson:

  • I can show grace because God showed me grace
  • I can share what Jesus did for me
  • I can tell others about Jesus
  • I can help others even when it’s hard
  • I can make disciples
  • I will praise God for all he has done for me

If you are looking for a six week series that you can use to help teach how we should act as Christians (think Code of Conduct) then this series will work great for you.  The great thing about the series is that it can also be used as six individual lessons, so if a series is not your thing, think of it as six stand alone lessons.

Often series like this can cost between $5-$10 per lesson, giving a value to this series of $30-$60. Since my goal is to provide quality resources and make them easily accessible to everyone, the price of this 6-week series is only $15.  That is a great deal at only $2.50 per lesson!

If you are a try before you buy person, feel free to download the preview lesson about Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. You can download the complete lesson for free. If you like what you see, then you should consider grabbing the entire series.

Whether you are looking for a series or a set of individual stand alone lessons, the CODE series is for you. If you have one large group and break into small groups, this series can still work for you by using the take home sheet as small group material. You also have the option to use the lesson as is, then send the take home sheet home to encourage family discussion through the week.

If you purchase the lessons are aren’t happy with them, simply request a refund. I will refund your payment and you can still keep the lessons! That way you can’t lose. I doubt that will be the case, as I have never issued a refund. In fact, people usually enjoy the lessons so much they come back for additional resources.

So what do you have to lose? check out the CODE!

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