A Kid’s Lesson on Moses Parting the Red Sea

I recently took a class on the Pentateuch, or the first five books of the Bible. While all are written by Moses — Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy give us the history of Moses and the Israelites. (skip to the end if you want a FREE Parting of the Red Sea lesson for kids).

I love reading about Moses’ leadership and his experience with God. Over and over again. God protected him, he provided for him, he spoke to him, he delivered him.

I love evenings in the spring/summer/fall that I can set up the firepit outside and sit and watch the flames dance. Never once have I had a voice speak to me from those flames. Can you imagine what it would have been like to hear the voice from the fire of the burning bush?

Or how about throwing your walking stick on the ground and it becomes a snake? Or the plagues?

It is hard to wrap my mind around parting the Red Sea as well. I grew up fishing with my Grandpa, and I’ve been in a little boat in a big lake with winds blowing the water around, and the waves tossing the boat. But the wind was nowhere near strong enough to blow a path through the water.

Over and over I am amazed at the things God did for His people, the Israelites. Pharaoh had just released his slaves and sent them on their way. He had just experienced the wrath of the plagues and was ready for the suffering to end.

But no sooner did he let them go, he changed his mind and gathered the army together to go bring back the slaves.

As Moses led the people away from Egypt, with Pharaoh closing in behind them, they came to the shore of the Red Sea. It was a dead end. I’m sure they felt doomed.

Why would God lead them out of Egypt, only to have them recaptured and taken back?

But God chose to show Himself as a protector of Israel, and he created a path through the water for Moses to lead the people across. As soon as they crossed, God allowed the walls of water to collapse, drowning the Egyptians and allowing the Israelites to experience freedom.

I LOVE what Moses did next. After crossing the Red Sea, Moses stopped to sing! He took time to pause and thank God for what He did — for the provision of safety. For delivering His people from slavery. For being a God who loves. Moses sang songs of praise and thanksgiving.

Sometimes we take for granted the things God does for us. Moses sets a good example of what we should do — thank God and give him praise.

Parting the Red Sea lesson for kids

Are you planning to teach a lesson to your kids about God parting the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites? I wrote a lesson just for you!

“Moses takes time to Praise” is a lesson that follows the account of God parting the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites, with a focus on God’s provision and Moses pausing to thank and praise God.

The bottom line for this spy themed lesson is “I will praise God for all he has done for me”

Moses parting the red sea lesson for kids

As a bonus, there is also a corresponding family devotion or small group lesson. Depending on what your set up is, you could use the bonus as a small group discussion material, or supplemental material to send home to encourage spiritual discussion within the family.

Check out these Life of Moses coloring pages that would go great as preservice activities or even as a craft time when you teach this lesson.

If this sounds like something you could use, for a limited time this is being offered as a FREE download. My lessons like this usually cost $2.99 each, and often much more from other places, but you can download it now for FREE!

I’d love to hear your feedback once you have a chance to download and look over the lesson. I know our kids enjoyed it when it was taught at our church, and I have a feeling your kids will learn when you teach this to them. Post a comment and let me know what you think!

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