4 week kids ministry curriculum series

Messages from Monsters

  Messages from Monsters a 4 week curriculum based on Monsters Inc     In our ministry, we often try to use pop culture and current events to make our lessons more relevant to our…

5 rules for kids

5 rules for kids ministry

Whether in a large group, a Sunday School, or a classroom, if you deal with kids you can understand the importance of rules as a part of classroom management. It is important for kids to know…

classroom management tips

4 classroom management techniques

Classroom/Behavior Management tips School is starting soon, so I thought I would share a little from my days as a teacher.  As you know, many of my thoughts have ministry applications, and this one is…

better storytelling

4 steps to better teaching and storytelling

Speaking to children is much different than speaking to adults. An adult usually has the self-control to sit and listen, even when not interested. A child, no matter the age, does not possess that same skill. They may be…

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