Excellence: neither expensive nor elite

Often when we think of ministry excellence, we think of places with lots off money, extravagant sets, lighting, and decor. Sometimes what we perceive as excellent is also perceived at elite, or the best of the best….

kids and learning styles

Learning Styles in Kids Ministry

Did you ever have that ultra boring college professor that chose to lecture for three hours every week in that same monotone voice? When I look back through my old college notes I may not…

4 week kids ministry curriculum series

Messages from Monsters

  Messages from Monsters a 4 week curriculum based on Monsters Inc     In our ministry, we often try to use pop culture and current events to make our lessons more relevant to our…

5 rules for kids

5 rules for kids ministry

Whether in a large group, a Sunday School, or a classroom, if you deal with kids you can understand the importance of rules as a part of classroom management. It is important for kids to know…

classroom management tips

4 classroom management techniques

Classroom/Behavior Management tips School is starting soon, so I thought I would share a little from my days as a teacher.  As you know, many of my thoughts have ministry applications, and this one is…

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