great bible for kids

A Great Bible for Kids

A Great Bible for Kids Everyone has their own favorite bible translation. For some it it King James, for others, NIV. No matter what your preference, I have a feeling you will agree that your…

action bible review

Action Bible review

I was asked by David C Cook to take a look at their Action Bible and write a review. They gave me a copy of all four books in the series. I was surprised not…

power of pinterest

The Power of Pinterest in Ministry

I’m sure by now you are familiar with  The virtual pinboard for saving and organizing photos from websites.  Based on the hours I know friends and family have spent there, I originally called it…

visioneering by andy stanley

Visioneering by Andy Stanley – book review

I recently joined It is a great program that allows participants access to free books in exchange for writing a review. For my first book I chose Visioneering by Andy Stanley. Visioneering, by the…

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