Lesson on lying

Lesson on Lying

Lesson on Lying Group Activity The purpose of this activity is to show how hard it is to cover up a lie once it is told. This activity would go great with this family devotion…

Salvation Eggs: printable kids easter lesson

Salvation Eggs: an Easter lesson idea

 Kids Ministry Easter Lesson Ideas Easter is one of those holidays that is spent with family. People will come to church on Easter (and Christmas) that normally don’t come. That is why I try to…

kids and learning styles

Learning Styles in Kids Ministry

Did you ever have that ultra boring college professor that chose to lecture for three hours every week in that same monotone voice? When I look back through my old college notes I may not…

baptism photo

Teaching kids about baptism

Baptism is one of those huge milestones in the christian life, one that is full of meaning, and a representation of our relationship with Jesus. But how do you know when you are ready to…

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