god is with me

God is with me: Family Devotion

Family Devotion: God is with me Think about it— What do we mean when we say God is with us? How do we know He is with us if we can’t see Him? Over and…

awana advent devotional

Free Awana Advent Devotional

AWANA Advent Devotional Not many things will put you in the Christmas spirit the way an Advent Calendar will. The anticipation builds each day wondering what surprise awaits behind each door. In our house, we…

talk to kids about tragedy

How to talk to kids about tragedy

How to talk to kids about tragedy The shooting at Columbine. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The Tornadoes of Moore, Oklahoma. The school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The terrorist attack on 911. The…

baptism photo

Teaching kids about baptism

Baptism is one of those huge milestones in the christian life, one that is full of meaning, and a representation of our relationship with Jesus. But how do you know when you are ready to…

what is family ministry 2

What is Family Ministry?

“Dad, will Gilligan be in heaven?” my daughter recently asked as Gilligan was laying on his back and she was scratching his belly.  Gilligan is the family dachshund.  She loves him, and he tolerates her,…

resist the devil family devotion

Family Devotion Time: Resist the devil

Family Devotions If you are looking for an easy, fun family devotion, look no further. What follows below is a great fun family devotion, complete with bible verses, questions, game, and visual object lesson that…

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