finding god in finding nemo

Finding God in Finding Nemo

Need some help finding God in Finding Nemo? Finding Nemo is a movie about a daddy fish setting out on a dangerous adventure to rescue his son, Nemo. The focus of the story is split….

great bible for kids

A Great Bible for Kids

A Great Bible for Kids Everyone has their own favorite bible translation. For some it it King James, for others, NIV. No matter what your preference, I have a feeling you will agree that your…

action bible review

Action Bible review

I was asked by David C Cook to take a look at their Action Bible and write a review. They gave me a copy of all four books in the series. I was surprised not…

yelling at kids

Yelling at Kids

Respect. It is something that we as people deserve. It is something that is not often given to a child though. How do you feel when you are not respected? It is not a good…

Lesson on lying

Lesson on Lying

Lesson on Lying Group Activity The purpose of this activity is to show how hard it is to cover up a lie once it is told. This activity would go great with this family devotion…

Salvation Eggs: printable kids easter lesson

Salvation Eggs: an Easter lesson idea

 Kids Ministry Easter Lesson Ideas Easter is one of those holidays that is spent with family. People will come to church on Easter (and Christmas) that normally don’t come. That is why I try to…

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