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10 Commandments of Parenting Wisdom

  I recently came across the following 10 Commandments of Parenting. They were written by Michael Grose, the founder of Parenting Ideas and a leading parent educator in Australia.  Parenting is one of the most important jobs…

depression in ministry

Depression in Ministry

“Am I depressed? Of course not, I am in ministry or leadership. There is no depression in ministry” I have a feeling that many of us have thought this at one time or another. Many…

family fun devotion based on Joshua. Make your own reminder rocks

Reminder Rocks: a family devotion

Family Fun Devotion: Joshua and the Reminder Rocks Memorial Day is a day for us to pause and remember those who have died in active military service. They died serving our country, making it a…

3 steps to evaluate your ministry

Is it time to evaluate your ministry? January brings with it an end to one year, and the beginning of another. It is a time of reflections of past success as well as past difficulty….

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